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Education Guardians & international students

Education Guardians & international students

International students looking for a school in the UK are often require a guardian. As an international student, you will need someone to support you whilst at a boarding school here. So many times this is a forgotten “need” which at the last minute you are asked to name your guardian before starting at your […]

Guardians and boarding schools

Guardians and boarding schools home tutor

The relationship between guardians and boarding schools is key to your child’s success. Guardians and staff at boarding schools need to have excellent communication and keep in close contact. Of course, feeding this information back to the family is always our priority as keeping all parties informed is really important. Do I need a guardian […]

Studying abroad, homesickness and quarantine

Studying abroad, homesickness and quarantine

It is such a strange life we find ourselves in and many of us are facing a new “normal”. Whether at school, university, studying abroad or having moved to a new area to live and work. Dealing with lockdowns, quarantine, restrictions on our social lives and the changes to the way we live will all […]

Returning to boarding schools – new COVID-19 rules

The UK is renowned across the world for its education provision. In particular the boarding provision it offers to tens of thousands of young people from all continents across the globe. We’re pleased to announce that boarding schools across the United Kingdom are beginning to welcome back pupils. Quarantine rules will apply so coming to […]

How has the UK changed since COVID-19 struck?

How has the UK changed since COVID-19 struck?

Emergencies and pandemics such as COVID-19 define countries and the people therein worldwide. Whilst the UK has had a high proportion of deaths related to Covid-19, we have reached a point where the numbers of those testing positive are now dropping and so are the deaths. Life is returning to a form of normality throughout […]

Host family accommodation – Hosting international students

Host family accommodation – Hosting international students study UK

Have you ever wondered whether you would like to host a young person from another country and learn more about the world?  There is no better time to start and consider taking in an international pupil who is studying at a UK boarding school.  If you think you may be interested in becoming a host […]

Studying in the UK – Types of cuisine and takeaways

As a multi-cultural society embracing a variety of religions, cultures and international communities, we have begun to enjoy a vast range of foods and meal options.  Whether you are cooking at home, going to a restaurant or getting a takeaway, there are plenty of culinary options. If you’re planning to study in the UK and wondering […]

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