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At Berkeley Guardians we are a family-centred guardian agency and our first priority is your son or daughter.  We believe it is vital that children arriving here in the UK are given the best opportunity to settle.

We confidently believe the education your child receives will be enhanced by the care we offer you and this can extend beyond school years into university.  Between us, we can support you with tutoring packages, UCAS support and help with choosing the right university and visits to open days as you wish. We have internship opportunities to support your child with work experience, ensuring he/she is well prepared for the application process for UCAS.

Guardianship Package Ages 8 to 18

At Berkeley Guardians we have a wealth of experience in dealing with international pupils and we have very high standards in all we undertake and dedicated staff to support them.  Berkeley Guardians was created to nurture children who come to the UK to learn and be educated, in order for them to have a positive experience and one they will treasure over the years.
Please see below what is included in your “Home from Home” package
  • 24/7 emergency support – eg cancelled flights, suspension from school, illness or other need
  • Initial meeting on arrival (or as soon as practically possible) to give support and practical information – pupil handbook and map of area etc.
  • Personal meet and greet at airport and return to airport
  • Travel arrangements start/end terms to homestay or airport
  • Registering your child with GP and Dentist on arrival and attending appointments as required.
  • Attending hospital, GP appointments etc as required
  • Regular email and phone contact with child
  • Providing official documents required by schools and authorities
  • Visits to pupils at school and homestays (4 per academic year)
  • English “Afternoon Tea” with guardian providing an opportunity for discussion about homestay and school issues
  • Opening bank account and supporting mobile phone account
  • Attendance at parents’ evening and follow up summary report (in English) to parents
  • Termly meeting with housemaster/mistress with pastoral report to parents​

Optional Extras

  • Translating summary reports into home language
  • Arranging accommodation and transportation for parent visits to child’s school (not including the accommodation or transport costs)
  • Member of the Agency team to meet parents at airport and accompanying them on the visit as required
  • Providing a translator to accompany you when visiting the UK or the school, appointments or hospital if required
  • Guidance for scholarship applications in present school
  • Guidance and advice on choosing A level subjects (GCSE if required)
  • Support with UCAS applications - including advice on personal statements, completion of application form and arrangements for Open Day visits with optional guardian
  • Help and support in finding an alternative school where necessary
  • Academic Tutoring in all subjects and at all levels
  • Chauffeur-driven collection/drop off arrangement
  • Purchasing school uniform, shoes or other needs
  • Internship opportunities with local companies
  • Shopping trip: Chauffeur trip to London (Harrods, Harvey Nichols, etc.) for the day including car, driver, Guardian to accompany depending on age.

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