Guardianship Package

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At Berkeley Guardians we are a family-centred guardianship agency and our first priority is your son or daughter.  We believe it is vital that children arriving here in the UK are given the best opportunity to settle.

We confidently believe the education your child receives will be enhanced by the care we offer you and this can extend beyond school years into university.  Between us, we can support you with tutoring packages, UCAS support and help with choosing the right university and visits to open days as you wish. We have internship opportunities to support your child with work experience, ensuring he/she is well prepared for the application process for UCAS.

Guardianship Package Ages 8 to 18

At Berkeley Guardians we have a wealth of experience in dealing with international pupils and we have very high standards in all we undertake and dedicated staff to support them.  Berkeley Guardians was created to nurture children who come to the UK to learn and be educated, in order for them to have a positive experience and one they will treasure over the years.
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