Host Family Accommodation

Our network of excellent host families share our values and mission and always provide students with the best possible care and support.

What is a host family?

Host families are formed by caring people who aim to give your child that “family atmosphere” that they might miss from home.  Sometimes they are young families but often older people whose own children have left home and they miss the chatter of young voices around the house.  We have found that often the relationship that grows between the family and your child flourishes and is still strong after they have finished their time at school.

How do we choose our host families?

All our host families are vetted and Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checked as your child is paramount to us and we want to be sure that he/she is correctly placed.  When we visit their homes (prospective and existing) we pay attention to detail. We also ask questions in order to understand family routine and whether they are suitable for hosting children.

host faamilies
Home Visit

Visit the host in their home and check through our checklist for the legal and necessary requirements


All the family members are met by our team and at this stage a more rigorous inspection is made for areas such as Gas Safety Certificates etc

Disclosure and Barring Service checks

Disclosure and Barring Service checks are made (similar to police checks on individuals).
We require two references and we follow these up with phone calls

Interests and Expectations

Expectations and interests of the host family are discussed at this stage


A host family agreement is then signed. Once all the relevant checks have been made. Our team are then ready to allocate them with your child. We hold all of our host families on a Single Central Register. All host families are re-inspected regularly to ensure our high expectations are continually being met.

Take a look at some of their homes!

Would you like to become a host family?

If you would like to become a host family and starting hosting international students or would like to find out more about what becoming a host involves, please get in touch!

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