How to find a suitable guardian in the UK

If there is no family member or friend to take care of your child whilst he/she is in the UK studying, then you will need to find a guardian. Finding a suitable guardian is also really important as they will oversee and support your child.

Your first port of call, should be either:



Why choose accredited guardians?

Both of these are the main UK accreditation organisations for guardianship services. This ensures that you receive the care and attention that you and your child deserves. Additionally, these organisations vet and inspect all their guardianships. They guarantee high quality and safe options for your family.

These companies should have up to date policies including safeguarding available for you to access and read. They will be adhering to the strict guidelines put in place. All accredited organisations have gone through the rigorous inspection process.

Why do I need to find a guardian?

All education institutions caring for overseas pupils and students (under 18 years) will require a guardian to be in place on your arrival in the UK. These organisations will need to know the details of this guardian. Additionally, the guardian will have to sign paperwork with the education institution to allow information to flow between the two and will need permission from yourselves to ensure your acceptance of this.

Never assume all guardianships are the same but if they are accredited they will be adhering to a high standard of care. Nevertheless, the school you have chosen may give you a list of those guardianships working with them. However, they are unable to recommend a specific guardian. You can access the full listing for recommended and accredited UK guardianships through the above links to AEGIS and BSA websites.

Guardians are key to the development of your child when abroad. Therefore, you should always try to find a guardian that is suited to your child’s needs.

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