As lockdown won’t be lifted by Easter, staying in the UK to avoid quarantine issues is probably a wise decision.

Coming to the UK to study is a big decision from wherever you are in the world and travel at the moment is so difficult, you might decide that once here – why not stay through the holidays rather than keep quarantining. Not a bad idea as travel through airports is not as straightforward as it was and there are some countries banning return from the UK as I write this.

So what can you do through a school holiday apart from continue to study in a homestay? Well, there are actually still lots of options.

This Easter holiday will offer activities run by various companies throughout the UK – under normal conditions we would have so many different options available that you would be hard pressed to choose, but there are still options in variety for you.

PGL – THE TRAVEL COMPANY: This company is offering a range of activities throughout
Easter in the UK from activities (including Dance and
Drama) through to adventures whether kayaking or rock

BARRACUDAS: This company offer a wide range of activities in age groups
and options vary from football to skills builder courses.

These are just two companies but there are many more and some focusing on study skills or language courses too. If you are interested in booking a course for Easter or for the Summer Holidays – just contact us and we will help you find what you are looking for and assist you in transport, booking and anything else you need.

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