How has the UK changed since COVID-19 struck?

How has the UK changed since COVID-19 struck?

Emergencies and pandemics such as COVID-19 define countries and the people therein worldwide. Whilst the UK has had a high proportion of deaths related to Covid-19, we have reached a point where the numbers of those testing positive are now dropping and so are the deaths. Life is returning to a form of normality throughout […]

Host family accommodation – Hosting students

Host family accommodation – Hosting students study UK

Have you ever wondered whether you could learn from hosting students from another country and learn more about the world?  There is no better time to start and consider taking in an international pupil who is studying at a UK boarding school.  Hosting students can be really rewarding and the good news is that we’re […]

Studying in the UK – Types of cuisine and takeaways

As a multi-cultural society embracing a variety of religions, cultures and international communities, we have begun to enjoy a vast range of foods and meal options.  Whether you are cooking at home, going to a restaurant or getting a takeaway, there are plenty of culinary options. If you’re planning to study in the UK and wondering […]

What is it like being a boarder in a school?

What is it like being a boarder in a school? boarding school

This blog post will take you through the main aspects of living in a boarding school. Karen ( Director of Berkeley guardians) tells us about her experience as a boarder and a Housemistress in a large boarding school. If you want to find out more about boarding schools, what to expect and how days are […]

COVID-19 and host families

COVID-19 and host families

Advice Covid-19 also known as Coronavirus is having a huge impact on students. From VISA restrictions to quarantine periods, many countries have imposed measures to combat COVID-19 . However, many students still have the possibility of studying online and host families have adapted to these circumstances following the UK’s Government guidance. The UK has one […]

Why choose a host family?

As your thoughts may be moving towards a new life in a UK boarding school, so you might be wondering what “host families” are. They are often mentioned on websites linked to schools and guardianship as one of the options for accommodation. A host family is a local family who has offered to take care […]

How to choose a boarding school for your child | Advice and information

How to choose a boarding school for your child | Advice and information

When it comes to choosing a boarding school overseas, several factors need to be taken into consideration. Schools focus on different academic disciplines and use different learning methods so doing some research before you start applying is really important. In this article you can find advice, information and some of the questions that we often […]

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