How to choose the right boarding school in the UK

How to choose the right boarding school in the UK

Looking for a boarding school in the UK? There are many considerations when choosing which country to continue your studies in – whether it is a cultural decision, an educational one or reputational one ….. If you are looking for a boarding school in the UK we can help you! Every decision is important to […]

What is a host family for international students in the UK?

What does it mean when people say they are a host family for international students’?  Becoming a host family for international students means being part of the support bubble for an international student. It means more than just offering a room in your own home for a fee. Additionally, it involves welcoming them into your […]

Host family accommodation for students

Host family accommodation for students study UK

Wondering if you could provide host family accommodation for students? There is no better time to start and consider taking in an international pupil who is studying at a UK boarding school.  If you think you may be interested in becoming a host family – read on! What does an international pupil require from a […]

Did anyone tell you why you need a guardian?

Do you wonder whether you need a guardian but can’t find enough information to decide. Many students need a guardian for different reasons and in this post we will try to explain some of them. Whether you need a guardian is an important decision to make. Schools and Education Consultants often do webinars, visits, exhibitions […]

Guardianship and COVID-19

Guardianship and COVID-19

The importance of guardianship during COVID-19 restrictions How important is guardianship in COVID-19 times? Is it important for the international student arriving in the UK in September 2021? Well, it is probably more important than ever due to the pandemic over the last year or so. All schools require their international students to have a […]

What to look for in a guardian for under 18s?

Here are some tips for finding the right guardian for your under 18 son/daughter whilst studying in the UK: A guardianship should ideally be based within 50 miles of the school/university chosen, although many professional guardianships have consultants and co-ordinators in a variety of areas of the country whilst based in one. Key points Look […]

University options 2022

Time to think about your university options for 2022. Those in Year 12 will be starting to consider their options for university for 2022. Their schools will be supporting their applications and advising. Those in Year 13 will be waiting to hear in August as to which universities have accepted them in preparation for starting […]

The New Minimum Standards for Boarding schools

The New Minimum Standards for Boarding schools

The new National Minimum Standards (NMS) for Boarding Schools are expected to come into force in September 2021. The consultation period finished on 23rd February, this year. One of the proposed key changes in the updated NMS is a new standard on guardianship arrangements. What will the new standards mean for boarding schools? Many guardianships […]

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