How has the UK changed since COVID-19 struck?

Emergencies and pandemics such as COVID-19 define countries and the people therein worldwide. Whilst the UK has had a high proportion of deaths related to Covid-19, we have reached a point where the numbers of those testing positive are now dropping and so are the deaths. Life is returning to a form of normality throughout the country and we are all learning new ways of etiquette and life skills.

Schools are back, not as yet to full strength, but they are returning slowly but surely. Those who have been teaching and attending schools have been enjoying seeing one another again.The plan is for all schools to resume in September. The limit on numbers of children in a classroom will be lifted. However, this may mean that the traditional school timings may be different.

Boarding schools are opening and will be ensuring that they are abiding by the Covid Safe Charters. They will also be taking information on handling situations from Public Health England and the Department for Education.

Covid-19 in shops and malls

As for the shopping centres, they too are now open. They generally do not take cash, preferring cards as this method is more hygienic. We have all been asked to wear masks in indoor spaces. When travelling on any form of transport and when shopping. Anyone found not doing this is liable to be fined up to £100 by the police.

Supermarkets continued to remain open during the lockdown months. They have set up systems in their stores where they can keep their employees safe. Generally they work on a one way system – marked with arrows on the floor. Furthermore, their cashiers are now behind clear screens to keep them as safe as possible.

Most outdoor sports and activities are now open, including theme parks. However, restrictions on the numbers allowed to participate and a booking in advance system. Gyms and indoor swimming pools will not open until later in the summer.

Outbreaks or spikes are now being dealt with on a localised level and the government is quick to react to issues. Life has changed but in many ways for the better and we hope that you will want to come and see us in the UK – the education is still first class, the people here embrace visitors and those who want to come here to study and we are more aware of those around us.

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