Guardians and boarding schools

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The relationship between guardians and boarding schools is key to your child’s success. Guardians and staff at boarding schools need to have excellent communication and keep in close contact. Of course, feeding this information back to the family is always our priority as keeping all parties informed is really important.

Do I need a guardian if my child is studying in a boarding school?

Although this is not a requisite, the vast majority of reputable UK Boarding Schools will ask for one. Colleges and Universities often insist that overseas students should have a guardian in the UK.

As there is no government regulation for guardianship agencies, the best way to make a decision is by looking at agencies that are certified by The Boarding Schools Association – BSA and AEGIS.

What do guardians do?

Guardians help overseas students navigate their new environment. They make sure they feel comfortable and have anything they need.

Furthermore, guardians are responsible for the communication with the boarding school, college or university. They also communicate any plans the students may have once this has been authorised by their families. Excellent communication between guardians, families, boarding schools and host families is really important for your child’s safety and well-being.

At Berkeley Guardians, we offer a family centred Home from Home package that covers all the points mentioned above. It has been designed to make your child feel at home in the UK and our experienced staff are always available when help is required.

Guardians and host families

Another really important part of a guardian’s job is keeping in touch with host families. If your child is staying with a host family our guardians will keep close contact with them. Similar to boarding schools, host families spend a lot of time with students and are able to spot any changes in behaviour or concerns. Host families understand overseas students may have different cultures and traditions and always happy to adapt where possible. Guardians can also be part of those conversations and offer solutions to make your child feel more comfortable. We always aim to offer a “Home from home” experience.

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Berkeley Guardians displayed absolute integrity using their wealth of experience and professional etiquette and we have found a choice of homestay which is conducive and appropriate with all prescribed preferences desired.

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