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Berkeley Education Consultants are here to support you and your family in your choice of school in the UK and with years of experience of working in UK boarding schools in a variety of roles from Head of Department (Academic), Deputy Head to Senior Housemistress of a large international boarding house and establishing international short courses for the global community, we can provide the answers to all your questions.

The UK offers a comprehensive choice of educational opportunities including co-ed, single sex, city or country schools.

Why do I need an Education Consultant?

Some people may prefer to undertake this research on their own and find a school over the internet. However, this can become rather challenging. There are so many boarding schools in the United Kingdom and all offer their own opportunities and particular areas of interest. Some will be academically biased, some will be more suited to the non-academic individual who sparkles on stage or on the sports field. Other will focus on nurturing and developing the confidence in the most nervous of young people. It can be difficult to differentiate the various qualities these schools have to offer. 

Some of the most popular key features are:

  • High academic achievements
  • Oxbridge opportunities
  • Strong confident young people
  • Inclusive and nurturing boarding environment

Finding the right school for you

First Phase

  • Research schools
  • Define your preferences
  • Watch video tours
  • Shortlist

Second Phase

Consider other aspects of the decision:

  • What type of school do I want?  A single sex or a co-educational school?
  • How confident am I?  
  • Is religion important to me?  
  • What are my talents?  
  • What are my thoughts for a future career? 
  • Do I require additional support in any areas?  

Third Phase

  • Seek advice from an Education Consultant
  • Discuss your options and preferences
  • Final shortlist based on your personality and particular skills set

Fourth Phase

  • Visit the schools you’ve selected – your Consultant will be able to make all the arrangements and accompany you (if you wish) . This includes: travelling arrangements, collection from airports, railway stations, etc. 
  • The school will wish to interview you and you will have the opportunity to ask them questions 

Fifth and Final Phase

Once you have reduced the shortlist to two or three final choices; you will be required to sit the entrance tests for the schools.

  • Preparation is key for these as they will be undertaken under timed conditions. These might take place in the school or via Zoom or similar platforms.
  • Once the final decisions have been made by both sides, it will be time to process your application and pay the fees in advance. 

Your Education Consultant will be there to provide support and guidance at each stage of the process and on hand to answer any questions and queries along the way.

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